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Santa Cruz Beach Property Buyers Guide

Santa Cruz Beach Property Buyers Guide

Families who want to move into an area close to the ocean will want to check out our Santa Cruz Beach Property Buyers Guide. Please read the information below for details.

Purchasing a property is, no doubt, one of the most profitable investments you can have. Ownership of a house, most notably an in-demand one like Santa Cruz Beach property, offers several advantages in the long run. 

Having a mortgage on a property creates equity which you can use as added leverage and financial security. If the climate of tax laws is delightful, you may be able to keep the appreciation money tax-free with only two years of residency on the purchased property.

Hidden Costs of properties in Santa Cruz Beach, California

Hidden Costs

Owning a property comes with a lot of financial responsibilities and added costs. On top of a purchase agreement there is insurance, tax, and maintenance that add up to the total bill. 

While a lot of buyers have the financial capacity to pay for the down payment and agent commission right away, you may easily overlook other fees that are less likely to come up during the initial costing. Fortunately for buyers like yourself, most lenders will bundle up the additional charges into the total loanable amount. The following are some of the added closing costs that come with owning your Santa Cruz beach property.

Closing Costs

Your lender and other third party business partners will basically access an additional two percent to five percent of the purchase price to cover their fees. All these are usually due at the time of purchase with your down payment.

Titling Fees

Depending on how much the property was sold, the seller and the buyer usually divide titling fees between themselves.

Record Fees

The government assesses the total cost of record updates.

The survey, Appraisal, and Inspection Fees

Depending on the agent and property manager, some buyers may require to confirm property description, and value is equal to the loan amount.

Mortgage Application Fee

Before you can finalize the agreement, as a buyer it is your responsibility to pay for the application fee before closing.

Underwriting Fees
During the loan qualification process, lenders may pay for additional costs incurred in the course of the application. You will have to pay for the reimbursement of these expenses.

Property Tax

It is a common practice for buyers to pay for the county tax six months in advance upon closing.

After purchasing your home, other fees will incur that are not part of the inclusions in the purchasing agreement. It is important to note that the costs differ from city to county, to state, and the economic business cycle as well. Some of these charges include the following:

HOA Fees

Depending on the developer and the size of the estate, HOA fees can range from $200 – $500 a month. HOA fees cover community maintenance and amenities you will enjoy upon owning a property within a development.

Mortgage Interest

If you are paying a 20% down payment, a mortgage interest fee will not be a problem. However, if a 20% down payment is not possible, a new GOP tax plan can help in deducting the mortgage interest tax.

California Housing Finance Agency

The government counterpart will issue credits properly to home buyers to reduce the overall federal tax.

Property Tax

For every purchase of a property, a property tax will add up to the buyer’s costing.

Homeowners Insurance

Upon owning a property, it is best to have it covered by your insurance provider in case of accidents.

Things to Consider in Purchasing a Santa Cruz Beach Property

Things to Consider in Purchasing a Santa Cruz Beach Property

In property investment, one of the most sought after estates is beachfront properties. While these houses or land cost more than average because of the sweepings views and proximity to beautiful beaches of these homes, beachfront properties are often more profitable in the long run. 

However, the price is not just the one thing you, as a buyer, must be careful of. Other elements may require you to shell out more.

Natural Calamities

If your property is up for a mortgage loan of up too 20 years, you have to make sure that your property will last as long. 

Because of the typographic hazards like hurricanes or shifting shorelines, beachfront properties are expected not to last as long as landlocked estates. 

It is good to research beforehand on information regarding beachfront properties so that you can be sure of the returns on your investment.


Beachfront properties can be a slightly more complicated process in comparison to buying landlocked estates. Contact local authorities and be wary of the limits of purchase implemented by the state. 

These limiting rules on beachfront ownership are also applicable to the structure or building permits.

Rental Market in Santa Cruz Beach, California

Rental Market

If you are not planning on staying for good in the property, it might interest you to have the property rented on times when you would not be staying there. 

Renting your property out will help to offset the cost of the mortgage and upkeep the estate.


While beachfront properties are usually quite far from the convenience of the city proper, it should not be forgotten in the inclusions as well. 

There should be good access highways for an uninterrupted drive in case of emergencies. A gorgeous stretch of sand will be invaluable if the property is not accessible.


Beachfront homes require more expensive maintenance costs. Things like salty air, which is particularly corrosive, septic system, paved roads, and access to utilities, must be kept in check. 

If the properties lack some of the crucial requirements for a livable house, it might be useful to check other beachfront properties that can present more complete specifications.

Final Thoughts

While finding beach properties in Santa Cruz, California is not a problem, looking for the right one that ticks all the boxes can be hard. 

Thankfully, trusted and credible Amber Melenudo is here to help you find the perfect Californian beachfront home to move into today. With years of experience and satisfied clients, Amber will surely make purchasing a property uncomplicated. 

Contact us by sending an email, and let’s talk about how we can help you to move to a Santa Cruz beachfront property today.

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